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Capitan Jack Sparrow is the main character in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" 

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie was produced by the Walt Disney Company 

There are four episodes of  the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, which are already existing, those are: " The Curse of the Black Pearl", " Dead Man´s Chest", "At World´s End" and "On Stranger Tides". 

The new episode of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series is coming out in 2017, it will be called as " Dead Men Tell No Tales". 

My favorite movie is the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series.
My favorite character in these series is the Captain Jack Sparrow 

Some of the characters from "Pirates of the Caribbean" are Davy Jones, Hector Barbossa and others. 

The famous actor- Johny Depp played Capitain Jack Sparrow in these movies. 

The episode "The Curse of the Black Pearl" have grossed 654.3 million US dollars. 

In total, all of the episodes have grossed 3.7 billion Us dollars until now. 

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